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Become a friend

Become a friend of the Dutch Kite Museum


What does this mean: “Become a friend of the Dutch Kite Museum”?

The Kite Museum in Ommen is the first and only Kite Museum in the Netherlands and contributes to the cultural offer through preserving,  collect , develop and exhibit of kites in the broadest sense of the word. You can find there the largest Kite Stamp collection in Europe.
Also, a large book library is there to find inspiration.

The exhibition “De Tijd Vliegt” provides an overview of more than 100 years of Kite History .
The Kite Museum has a great educational contribution for primary, secondary and higher education
and is an approved work experience for students.

Friends who share our goals can give a donation to support us in our work to preserve the Dutch Kite Museum.

By ending of the indirect subsidy of the municipality of Ommen,
the fixed costs of the Kite Museum became impossible to be brought up by “Stichting Space Art”.
We are eagerly looking for opportunities through funds, institutions and private donations in order to ensure the continuation of this unique first and only Kite Museum in the Netherlands.

What do you get?

– Free participation in the two Kite Festivals in Ommen (+ consumption / kite workshop )
– Placement of your company logo on the Kite Museum website.
– Tips & tricks regarding Kites.
– Your promotional material expressed during the two festivals.


Make a donation

You can make a direct payment with Sofort Banking if you are from :
Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Spain and Switzerland.
If your are from another country you can use Paypal.
To pay with a Credit Card you can select “Check out as Guest” on the Paypal page.